Winter Camps 2019

Calling All Kids! Come find more to explore with our Winter Camps during winter break! Day camps are available for our little friends ages 4 to 10ish. Our Winter Camps are from 9am to 4pm. 

Ever wonder what life as an Elf is really like? Being so tiny must be quite challenging and yet it looks like all fun and games. We’ll take a look at what they wear, what they eat, how they get around and more. This camp will be a pursuit of the secret lives of elven folk.



This camp is totally about designing your very own Goofy Bot.  As the creator of your bot you will control every aspect of its development. Will your bot wiggle? Or will it wiggle and jiggle? Or will it simply just roll…it’s totally up to you!  After completing training in Bot Basics 101, you will choose your materials, create your prototype and conduct your bot testing and redesign as required. Naming and decorating your bot is not required but highly recommended.


Staying warm somedays can be a challenge so we’ll look to our furry friends for some help in engineering ways to stay warm. We’ll investigate how artic animals stay toasty and invent some ways of utilizing this knowledge to create a better way to weather our “brutal” south Texas winter.