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2022 Summer Camps

Break out for nonstop fun. Each camp will include discovery, design, and creativity. Make your summer memories with GCM. We designed camps to maximize both Fun And Safety!

Camp Pricing:

  • Three Day Camp: $180 ($165 Members)

  • Single Day Camp: $50 ($45 Members)

Camp FAQ:

  • Campers will be provided with a snack. Please provide lunch and a reusable water bottle.

  • Different themes for each camp.

  • Single-day camps 9 am-3 pm each day.

  • Three-day Camps 9 am-3 pm each day.

  • Campers should wear play clothes that are okay to get messy.

  • And of course, each day will be filled with discovery, creativity, and imagination.

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Friday Fun at the  Museum Camp

Fridays beginning June 10th  August 12th (9 am-3 pm)

Join us for a day of fun, exploration, and design. Each day will include a team challenge, process art activity, and something sciency 

Three Day Camps

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (9 am-3 pm)


June 6th =- 8th : Mad About Mars – Ages 6-10

Exploring our closest neighboring planet will be our assignment. We’ll analyze the planet’s surface including craters, the polar ice caps, and the potential for life on the mysterious Red Planet.


June 20-22: Ocean Scientists – Ages 4-10

Sharks and Shells and Seashore Sand; we’ll explore different types of sharks, sand from around the world, and shells galore.



June 27-29: ENGINEERING – Ages 6-10

Join this camp for Team challenges and Exploration with unique materials. Electromagnets, wind-powered vehicles, and Bridges are on the agenda with time to explore materials and create on your own using Strawbees, Brackets, the Rig-a-ma-Jig, and Little Bits!


July 11-13: Invent, Build and Blast Off! – Ages 4-10

Creative problem solving and experimenting with variables will be the strategy of this camp as we create a telescope, do chemistry, test rockets and explore the solar system.



July 18-20: SEWING – Ages 7 and up

Beginners and experienced seamstresses alike will enjoy this sewing experience. This camp includes both hand and machine sewing. Join us to learn the basics or polish existing skills to show off in the end-of-camp fashion show of handmade projects!


July 25-27: The Art and Science of Storybooks – ages 4-8

Storybook science and art. -We’ll read some of our very favorite books, study the art of the illustrator and the science in the story to include: creating collages, making pictures with recycled paper, studying frogs and colors…


Aug 1-3: Maker Camp – Ages 4-10

Building and Creating will be the theme of this camp using the tools, materials, and processes used by artists and engineers alike. To be sure this camp will include making something yummy, something that wiggles & scoots, something that defies gravity, something that shines, and more!


August 8-10: The Age of Dinosaurs – Ages 4-10

Dinosaurs are without a doubt the most fascinating creatures that ever roamed the Earth. Share your knowledge as we explore the newest scientific discoveries, create models, sample fossils, and imagine living in the age of dinosaurs.


Camp Pricing:

  • Three Day Camp: $180 ($165 Members)

  • Single Day Camp: $50 ($45 Members)

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