Plan Your Visit

Discover the power of play! We have nine permanent exhibitions with activities that change daily. There is fun for all ages and specifically for two to ten-year-olds.

February Highlights

We celebrate holidays and international days, recognizing people in STEM. We have hands-on activities that bring the season to life. Children can learn about the earth’s tilt, make a season wheel, create tree art, and make a frosty snowman.

It is Black History Month, so we will be highlighting the achievements of exceptional scientists and engineers, including Astronaut Mae Jemison and Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. On February 2, we will celebrate Groundhog Day by making shadows. For Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day, we have art projects.

On February 11, it is Women and Girls in Science Day, and we will have hands-on activities for all our visitors.

National Engineers Week is February 19 to 25, and we will have maker challenges using the Design process – design, build, test, and improve!

Coming Soon

  • January 28 & 29: Galveston Museum Day
  • April 15: Fairy Tale Ball
  • May 6: Here Comes the Surf Day
  • September 16: Space Telescope Day
  • October 7: Da Vinci Day
  • November 18: Galveston Food Festival