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Ticketing & Admissions

Can I purchase tickets onsite?
Yes, onsite tickets are available.

How much time does my ticket allow?
All day unless specified by high volume or an event.

Check our website for prescheduled events such as field trips and birthday parties. 

Can I leave the Museum and reenter on the same day?
Yes, you may leave and re-enter the Museum.

Are strollers allowed?
Yes, we do ask that visitors keep their stroller with them at all times.

Admission Price:
2+ Years: $10
Seniors: $8

Military Discount: $8

Infants: Free
SNAP/Medicaid Assistance: $3
Members: Free

Will the Museum be open for Family Free Night’s?

September’s Family Free Night is September 15th from 4-7 pm.

Can we bring in outside food and drink?
Yes! You are more than welcome to bring outside food, we just ask that you refrain from eating in our exhibit areas. We have outdoor seating with picnic tables and umbrellas that you may use. We also have an indoor snack area that parents may use.

Will there be water available from the fountain?
Our water fountain is available. Also, there will be water for purchase in The Gift Shop.

Will the Shop at GCM be open?
The Gift Shop at GCM will be open during Museum hours.


What exhibits areas are open/closed?
All exhibit areas will be open.

Safety & Cleaning

How do you maintain cleaning & social distancing with kids?
We ask families to respect the space of other families while being understanding that social distancing is hard for children. Museum staff will have an increased presence to assist with social distancing concerns or questions. 

There will be hand sanitizer throughout the Museum. Visitors are encouraged to clean their hands often.

Will everyone including children have to wear masks?
Visitors may choose to wear a mask, but it is not required, while inside the museum.