November 2024 from 10:00am to 3:00pm

An Adventure in International Experiences for Families & Children!

This FREE FAMILY EVENT will have food, music, dance, fashion, games and prized on the grounds of Galveston Children’s Museum.

There will be exhibitors and performers from different countries and cultures providing entertainment, education, arts & crafts and giveaways, sharing information, and inviting us into a daylong adventure all on our very own Galveston Island.

The Galveston Island International Festival is presented by the Galveston Children’s Museum, inspired from the book “Adventures with my Auntie”, by author Phylicia French.

Galveston Children’s Museum Presents
Student Art Contest
“World Exploration Through Art”

In anticipation of the inaugural Galveston Island International Festival, the Galveston Children’s Museum is hosting a student art contest from October 15th through November 6th 2023. We invite all Galveston children grades K-12 to participate in the “World Exploration Through Art” contest. Student artists may create original artwork showcasing international wonders, culture, food, geography, tourism, or people- a peak at the world through the eyes of local Galveston children. Join the Galveston Children’s Museum in a chance to amplify children’s voices through the power of art!

Rules of the Contest

All artwork must be created on a single sided sheet of standard white paper (8 ½” X 11”). Please include the student’s name, school, and grade on the back in PENCIL in the lower right corner. Artwork may be painted, colored, or sketched but should not be three-dimensional.

Public and Private School Students: Artwork will be collected by each school in a box located in the school front office or art room (your school will determine the best location). All artwork must be received in the school collection box no later than November 6th to be considered for judging. School winners will be selected by their school no later than Friday, November 10, 2023.

Homeschool Students: Artwork may be dropped off directly to the collection box at the front desk of the Galveston Children’s Museum, located at 2618 Broadway. All entries must be dropped off no later than November 6 th to be considered for judging. Homeschool winners will be selected no later than Friday, November 10, 2023.

Artwork will be judged on creativity and how well it fits the theme “World Exploration Through Art”.

Each island school, including homeschool students as a single school, will select a winner for each grade category. Category winners will be sent to the Galveston Island International Festival team of art professionals to select an overall winner for each category.

There will be one overall winner in each of the following categories:

• Grades K-1

• Grades 2-4

• Grade 5

• Grade 6

• Grades 7-8

• Grades 9-12

Winners will be contacted prior to the Galveston Island International Festival which will be held on November 18th. Winners are encouraged to attend the festival to be recognized with their artwork and receive their prize.

All entries to schools will be collected by the Galveston Children’s Museum prior to the Galveston Island International Festival and will be used to showcase local child artists at the event.

All artwork submitted may be shared and displayed publicly and online to help promote art and exploration for children. Submission of an art entry constitutes signing a release for the use of the art in both published, social, and public display. No monetary gains will be made from the use of the artwork. No image of the winning children will be used without guardian consent.