Explore With Us

Discover the power of play!  Dive into a world of discovery and excitement as little ones explore interactive exhibits tailored for ages 2-10.

Our Town

Jump on the fishing boat, catch some fish, pull in some blue crabs and take them off to the market…or simply grab an apron and design a pizza to serve to your friends and family.

Kids Clinic

Encourages children to think about how their body works and promote positive feelings and attitudes towards doctors, medical treatment, and care facilities. Your child will love treating baby doll and stuffed animal patients.

Building Zone

There are so many building and creating options with so many different materials. And check out the Lego wall. Building your child’s dream one block at a time!

A Stroke of Genius

The perfect studio for your little Picasso. Choose a medium to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! Paint, clay, textiles and more.

Tinker Workshop

Building and being curious about the mechanics of every-day things helps children become better problem solvers. Your child will love taking things apart, putting them back together, and learning through doing.

Explore and Discover

This exhibit will challenge your child’s inner engineer, as they experiment with open-ended materials, from marble ramps to electrical circuits. Your child will discover and investigate physics, learning scientific concepts through play!

Now Starring You

A stage for impromptu performances, a puppet theater and an amazing interactive word wall which defies description! Your child can be the star of their own production.

Room To Grow

A scaled-to-size exhibit for our youngest explorers, ages 2 to 5 years. Building, reading, sharing, smiling, laughing and playing dominate this exhibit.

Outdoor Exhibits

The great outdoors await in our special exhibit space, just steps away from the museum itself! Enjoy programmed activities, events, and more.